How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games

You would be lying if you said you have never been played by a woman. Think about it. Have you ever met a woman that you liked who seemed interested in you, too? Did she seem utterly captivated by you and did she laugh at all of your corny jokes? Did you think that you could win her over because she seemed to like you only for her to turn completely cold the next minute? That means you’ve been played, brother.

There are various reasons why women play mind games on men. Some women, for example, are emotionally insecure, while others are simply immature. However, if you are already in a relationship with a woman who likes to play mind games, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should break things off with her right away.

Instead, talk to her about it first and give her a second chance. In relationships, these problems are usually easy to resolve. If it still doesn’t work out afterwards, though, then you might be better off just breaking things off. Perhaps the most important thing about how to seduce women is to know how to back off.

As you can see, women definitely enjoy playing with men’s minds, whether during the dating stages or the relationship stages. They mostly do it just because they are aware that they have the power to, as well. So, how can you beat a woman’s mind games and fight back for your dignity?

Believe it or not, learning how to beat a woman’s mind games is actually fairly easy, especially if you know why these mind games exist in the first place and how women play them. Read on to learn the secrets that you need on how to beat a woman’s mind games, turn things around and make the woman of your dreams run after you for a change.

How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games

  • Secret Number One: Don’t be afraid to “threaten” her.

Trust me: once women get used to having a man around, it won’t take very long for them to start misbehaving by questioning and even disrespecting the man. This is probably going to happen the minute she starts feeling comfortable in your presence and in how much you like her.

So, how can you beat a woman’s mind games and change things around, then? It’s easy. If your woman keeps misbehaving and is constantly rude to you, then tell her that you’ll leave her if she doesn’t change. This will most probably shut her up, teach her a lesson, open her eyes and make her treat you better. Basically, just don’t be afraid to lose her and you won’t – it’s as simple as that.

Ideally, though, you shouldn’t shower her with too much attention in the beginning anyway, no matter how much you might like her. This will ensure that she knows her place from the start. Instead, take control of the entire group’s dynamics and shower every woman there with the same amount of attention. Strangely enough, once the woman that you are eyeing fails at catching your attention for herself, she will step up and try to win it from all of the other women there, thus giving you the upper hand almost instantly.

Sidenote: this technique is only one out of the twelve that makes up the “covert seduction” suite of seduction tactics. Another one of such technique, known as Fractionation, is said to be able to make women fall in love quickly – in as little as 15 minutes. More on the technique later.

  • Secret Number Two: Don’t fall for the jealousy game.

If you really want to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games, then one of the most important things you have to do is not fall prey to the most common one that women play: the jealousy game.

Women usually play this game by comparing the man that they are with to other men in the general vicinity, occasionally pointing out your weaknesses. Keep in mind, though, that women only do this in order to get a rise out of you and to try and get you to work harder for her affections.

If a woman starts to try to make you jealous in any way, just try to get other people to take notice of you by putting yourself in the spotlight. Remember: women love men who are leaders, so if you go out there and lead the pack, everyone will take notice of you and the woman you are eyeing will be the one shooting you jealous looks in the end.

On the reverse, this technique works well if you want to seduce a woman with a boyfriend. Jealousy is the essential ingredient of “Boyfriend Destroyer” routines.

  • Secret Number Three: Call her out.

That’s right. If you want to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games, then you have to grow some balls and call her out whenever she plays those mind games on you. Confront her and speak your mind. What have you got to lose? In fact, women happen to admire men with principles and who stand up for themselves and don’t tolerate any nonsense, so doing this might even help you win her over faster.

Now, if the mind games are getting to be too much for you or if she just won’t stop, then just leave her and move on. No woman is worth all of that trouble – seriously. Just walk away and find success with somebody else who deserves your time. This will show other women that you aren’t needy, either, and will make you all the more attractive in their eyes – believe it.

How To Fight Back – By Playing Mind Games ON Her!

Well, if you want to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games, then you need to fight back and give her a taste of her own medicine. You can do this by putting one particularly subtle weapon to use: hypnosis. Morals aside, this technique is easy and very powerful if you want to learn how to beat a woman’s mind games and make her totally compliant to what you want.

One very effective technique of hypnosis would be fractionation, which can help you make any woman that you want fall for you in less than 15 minutes. In fact, you won’t just learn how to beat a woman’s mind games with this technique; you will be able to make her completely depend on you on an emotional level. It may be controversial, but it definitely guaranteed to work.

A good resource on fractionation is the Fractionation Formula which can be found at this link:

Naturally, learning how to beat a woman’s mind games may still require some practice. However, if you practice it enough, you won’t have any trouble using basic tricks to weasel your way out of female mind games in the future.